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Once the installation of the Outlook Add-in has been completed on the client machine, the connection to the Inova application should then be configured. The following items are needed to complete the configuration:

  • The Outlook client must be up and running on the client machine.
  • The Inova application also running and accessible from the client machine.
  • The URL to the Inova application.
    Be sure the URL used does not have any additional context path information. For example, if the client browser’s bookmark has https://mycompany.partneringplace.com/inova-partner/ctx/auth/home.do, the URL to use would be https://mycompany.partneringplace.com/inova-partner.
  • The user name and password of the Inova application user.
    Note that the Inova user must have the appropriate rights within the application to use the Add-In. For more information, please contact your Inova Customer Success Manager or Inova Support.

After gathering the required information, open Outlook on the client machine and complete the following steps:


  1. Click on the "Inova" tab.
  2. Click on the "Settings" button.

Connection settings

Then, you will just have to enter the URL of your Inova application and the add-in will detect what your authentication mode is :


If you are in SSO, you will be automatically connected :


Otherwise, your credentials will be requested :


Note that the progress icon will change to a check mark within the circle once a successful connection to the Inova application is made:


Objects settings

Select the boxes next to the objects this user will have access to via the Add-In :


  1. New contacts management : if you tick the box, the add-in will detect that one or more of the contacts linked to the email does not exist in the application and it will offer the option to create those contacts in the Inova application.
  2. Push emails on :
    • Manual email sending : the selected objects will have shortcuts visible in the user’s ribbon.
    • Objects linkable to a folder : the selected objects will be visible in a right-click menu allowing a folder sync to a given object.
  3. Click the "Save" button.
  4. Once configured, the "Inova" ribbon in Outlook will look similar to the following screenshot, depending on the objects the user has access to :


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