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Synched Environments - Import EBD Data

Once you have your Inova platform synched with One-on-One, you have the option to import data related to your company's attendance and meetings at conferences sponsored by EBD Group. This import creates and links contact, company, meeting, and conference records in your Inova platform. 

Note: In order to perform this import, you'll need both your One-on-One login credentials and the username and password you used as a registered attendee of the EBD event (the credentials you used to log into the EBD partnering platform). 

To import EBD records, 

1. Access the PPL platform and in the top-left menu, click Meetings > View All Meetings. 

2. Click Import from EBD.


The right-hand panel will display a list of available EBD events to choose from:


3. Scroll through the list to find the relevant event. You may need to click the View More button to get to the conference you're looking for. 

4. In the authentication popup, enter your username and password for EBD partnering, then click Authenticate.


5. The application will display the below popup:


In this popup, you can see the number of companies, contacts, and meetings available to import (the numbers in the orange fields. The number in the green fields indicates that a match for that object type already exists between your One-on-One and the EBD data and so that many objects of that type do NOT need to be imported. 

To begin importing the remaining records, click the Go To Step 2 button. The popup will change as follows:


6. In this page, you can (1) scroll through the list to see the companies in EBD to be imported and decide which ones you want to import, then (2) begin typing the name of the company as you think it should be named in your Partneringplace (Inova) system. Click the matching name once it is displayed. 

7. If no match is displayed, you can click Create New to create a new record in Partneringplace to match the company in EBD.

8. Review the companies you're creating or matching, then click the Go To Step 3 button. The popup will display the list of Contacts to be imported:


9. Again, you can scroll through the list of names (1) and search for matches for the ones you want to import (2) or click the Create New button to create a new record. The warning message (3) is the same for both contact and company creation. 

10. Review the contacts you're creating, then click Import Meetings. 

11. After the merge is complete, you can check the numbers in the popup to see how many meetings, contacts, and companies were created / imported. 

12. You can also search for the company or contact that was created, and view their profile to confirm the new linked meeting is there. 


13. Then, click the meeting link to view the meeting:


The contact (1) and company (2) you imported will be linked to it. 


Warning: A meeting is imported if the organization is created AND at least 1 participant from the partner (a contact) is also created


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