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Synched Environments - Merge Duplicates

When your Inova platform is syched with One-on-One, there is a chance duplicate records could be created. If a company is created manually in of Inova, but then a meeting is scheduled with that company from One-on-One, a duplicate company will be created because the company in Inova does not yet have the company ID from OOO. Likewise, if a user creates a contact during email push, the contact will not have the OOO contact ID, so when the same person is synched as a meeting attendee, a duplicate contact will be created. 

Managing duplicates, however, is quite easy. To merge duplicate companies or contacts in a synched environment, 

1. Log into the application and navigate to Administration.

2. Under Tools, there are two new links:


3. Click either merge option to merge the respective object type. A new browser tab or window will open to display the list of objects (you may need to close a marketing popup first), as with the companies list below:


4. Here, you can either search for a specific company to deduplicate (1) or change the sorting in the list to alphabetical (2) and browse through the list manually.

5. Check the boxes of the companies you want to merge, then click the Merge button:merge3.jpg

4. In the Merge page, only the populated fields of each record will appear by default. Click on a value to select it for the corresponding field in the Resulting record:


5. To display additional fields, click the Show All Values slider (1):


6. Click into the respective fields in the Resulting record to add more information. Some fields like the Company Type (2) will have list values you can choose from; others are text fields (3). 

7. Click Merge. The confirmation screen will display a link to the new master record and a button to perform another merge. 

Note: If your application is NOT synched, you will manage duplicates via the existing tool in Administration. Click here for more information. 

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