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Synched environments - user management

If your Inova application is synched to One-on-One, some aspects of user management are managed in the Partneringplace platform while others are managed in Inova:

  • Managed in Partneringplace:
    1. Creating users
    2. Changing user passwords 
    3. Disabling users
    4. Managing time zones
  • Managed in the Inova administration module:
    1. Assigning licenses / rights
    2. Creating / assigning profiles 
    3. Cortellis access (if the Clarivate connector is enabled in your system)

This page addresses the user management features specific to PartneringPlace. 

User creation

To create a new user,

1. Navigate to Administration > Manage Users, Groups, and Profiles.

2. Click New User. A new browser tab will appear and display the user management page (you may need to close a marketing popup first), as shown below:


3. Click the New button at the right. The New User form will appear:


4. In this tab of the form, only the username (1) and account type (2) are required. Populate those fields and click User Profile:


5. The only required fields (1) are First and Last name. Populate these fields and then click Create (2). 

Once you create the user account:

  1. The new user will receive a notification by email. The user clicks the link and is taken to the login page of Partneringplace.
  2. On this page, they will be prompted to create their password. After successfully changing their password, the PPL Home Page will be displayed.
  3. To access Inova, click on the avatar icon in the top-left corner, then click the Deals and Alliances link, as shown below:

  4. After clicking this link, the user will be taken to the Inova home page. 

    Note that after this initial login, when the user in future accesses the application and wants to return directly to the home page of the Inova platform, they will need to bookmark the URL correctly: https://[companyname].partneringplace.com/inova-partner. 

Password management

To change a user's password,

1. Navigate to the user administration page in Partneringplace. 

2. Select the user's name, then click Change Password:


3. Enter the new password in both fields and check the Force user change checkbox, then click Accept.

Editing and disabling users

To manage a user's account,

1. Navigate to the user administration page in Partneringplace. 

2. To disable the user's account from the list, click the slider button at the end of the row. Click the slider again to re-enable the account. 

3. To edit the user's details, click the user's name. You can click into any of the fields such as the name and address to edit the content, then click the checkmark to save your changes. 


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