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Synching Inova to One-on-One: An Overview

It is possible to have your Inova platform connected to the One-on-One Partnering System used at BIO conferences and thus have company, contact, meeting, and conference records automatically copied into your Inova system as you and your team participate in BIO events. 

For the average user, an Inova application synched to One-on-One behaves the same as one that is not synched. A few aspects of application administration, however, do change:

  • Creation and management of user accounts
  • Management of duplicate company and contact records
  • Configuration of the Outlook Add-in, as of OLA v.20

When the two applications are synched, as soon as a user of OOO schedules a meeting at a BIO event:

  1. The conference is created in Inova
  2. The meeting details are copied into Inova as a meeting object and linked to the conference
  3. The company associated with the meeting is either created or linked to an existing company record in Inova
  4. The meeting attendees are either created as new contacts in Inova or linked to existing contacts

Company, contact, and meeting data created or updated in the Inova platform will not be synched back to One-on-One, but will synch back to the underlying partnering platform, Partneringplace. However, end users do not access Partneringplace and this synch-back is not visible to them. Partneringplace is only accessed by application administrators to run the three tasks described above.

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