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  • Deals & Alliances
  • Version
  • 6.1.15
  • Release date
  • July 6, 2017



  • It is now possible to display the workflow (milestones) of an opportunity / project as a ribbon at the top of the page. Color coding informs the user which milestones and/or child activities are started, in progress, or completed. 
    Note: The workflow ribbon renders best on a single line. In some cases, however, a large number of milestones or a workflow with long milestone names can cause the ribbon to wrap to a second line. If this is the case, please contact your Inova Customer Success Manager to review the workflow and rename the milestones.
  • Rebranding of "Thomson Cortellis" as "Cortellis" for the logo as well as all related labels.
  • Ability to hide the Overview title tab of an object and reduce empty space at the top of the overview screen. The tab is not displayed when it is the only tab in the first group. In the example below:
    1. Here is the display when the "overview" tab is not alone in the group.
    2. And here is the new display when the "overview" tab is alone in the group.
  • For clients using the OOO-D&A data synch, merging of duplicates of contacts and companies has been improved.
  • Various usability improvements on lister paging. 
  • Security: Only the owner, super user, and administrator are able to change ownership of an object.

Technical Improvements

  • Add REST webservices support.
  • Document Manager: Multiple upload at once is now enabled for all supported browsers.
  • History of last 5 form configs is now kept in Administration.
  • The Webservice option that is required to access the platform via the Outlook Add-in is now activated by default for all users. As such, the Enable Web Services option is no longer displayed when the administrator accesses a user's profile.  

Bug fixes

  • The field current milestone now displays the most advanced milestone, i.e. the milestone with the most recent initiated date. 
  • The field indicating the total number of discussions with the highest status is now correctly calculated and no longer includes deleted discussions.
  • A status change on an alliance now correctly cascades down to the status of linked financial and non financial obligations.
  • The agreement-agreement link is now bi-directional: When agreement A is linked to agreement B, agreement A is now visible from agreement B and vice versa.
  • The default sender of all emails sent by the application is now noreply_company@inova-software.com, to reduce issues where application emails might get flagged as spam. 
  • Improvement in data consistency between D&A and Logi Dashboards.
  • Reviews with the word "null" in the title are now supported.
  • Corrected audit log snapshot rendering issue.
  • Minor UI tweaks of tabs and borders.