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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 6.2.41
  • Release date
  • December 7, 2017



  • The first milestone is now automatically activated when a project is created.
  • It is now possible for an Administrator to copy a profile and customize the tabs for all the pages directly through the administration (User Management > Manage Users, Groups and Profiles).
  • In the new workflow portlet, when updating a date for an activity, the status is immediately updated accordingly.
  • When creating an activity, a reminder is now automatically created with the "Recipient" and the "Date" pre-populated.
  • To avoid loss of information due to timeout, the connection is now "kept active" for the review response page.
  • In the new workflow portlet, the due date is now also displayed for the milestones.

Bug fixes

  • In some cases, the new workflow was not displayed and the refresh of the page was not always enough to solve the problem.
  • Clicking on "Watch it" or accessing the "Watched objects" lister was sometimes leading to an error message.
  • A few users reported that some listers suddenly became unavailable for them whereas these same listers were still accessible for other users.
  • Correction of the import feature to enhance security.
  • In the listers, the default views were reset with each update of the configuration and/or with each delivery of a new version of the application. As a result, users were losing their customizations of the default views.
    That's why the default view is no longer editable, meaning that you cannot add/remove columns and/or modify the number of rows displayed per page (but you can still filter/sort this view as before).
    Now, if you want to modify the default view, you will have to start by copying this view before you can customize it. In this way, your previous changes will not be affected.