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  • Deals & Alliances
  • Version
  • 4.0
  • Release date
  • February 2, 2015


New features

  • Meeting and conference objects: For tracking details about internal and external meetings.
  • WebSSO compliance: For hosted clients. Can be activated based on client request. Allows user direct access the application without inputting userid and password.
  • Email portlet on Alliance object: Can push emails to an Alliance.
  • New "Comment" object: Added to Company, Contact, and Asset.
  • Autopopulation capability: Three use cases in this version.
    1. Create an in-licensing project from an asset: Asset company, name, and contact(s) automatically populated.
    2. Create an agreement from an in-licensing project: Project company, name, and contact(s) automatically populated.
    3. Create a contact from a company: Company name and address fields automatically populated.


  • Boolean operators AND and OR added to Thomson Cortellis search fields.
  • UI improvements on mailbox and better distribution tools for Fetched emails.
  • "Connect to Thomson" refactored to allow the user to edit the query that is performed when searching for matches in Thomson Assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Merge Tool: “Internal Error” due to linked documents.
  • Repopulate fails for linked objects.
  • Total count on lister.
  • Replace User feature doesn't work for disabled users.
  • Merge Tool: issue with “Country / State” field (State is missing).
  • Can’t open a PDF that contains an apostrophe in the file name.
  • User with Executive access cannot see documents in restricted projects.
  • Issue with contact when an Activity is created.
  • Change date format.
  • Importing Contacts with Import Tool crashes the application if the user includes Company Synonym.
  • IE11: default listValue editor is not filtering the values.


  • Stopped IE8 support.
  • Mobility: Added the support of Safari on iOS8 (iPad).