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When pushing an email through advanced push or quick select, if the add-in detects that one or more of the contacts linked to the email does not exist in the application, it will offer the option to create those contacts in Inova.

Contact Push pop-up

After successfully pushing an email into the system, the add-in will display the Contact Push pop-up. 

  1. The popup will include any contact from the To, From, or CC fields whose email address doesn't have a match in the Inova database. The add-in will also pre-populate fields such as First Name and Last Name if it finds that information in the email itself or from the contact's matching record in your Outlook contact list if it exists there. 
  2. If you do not want to push in one of the contacts from the list, select it and click the Delete button. 
  3. Update the rest of the fields as needed. Only the email and name fields are required.

    Note: From the Company dropdown, you can select the company to be linked to the contact being created. As you're typing the company name, the application will search to see if the company already exists. If the application doesn't find a match, the message "No match found. Press enter to create new." will be displayed. Enter the rest of the company name and press Enter to create the new company. 

  4. If needed, review the content of the email that was pushed. It may contain additional details about the contact that you can copy and paste into the fields at left. 
  5. When you are ready to push in the contacts, click create. Note that the contact will also be automatically linked to the object that you pushed the original email to.  
  6. If you don't want to create any new contacts, click "Cancel Creation".
    This action will not cancel the push of the email.
Note that contact push is also triggered when you use the Additional action to push in your email.