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Contacts Tab

On the overview screen of a business object, the contacts tab lists all the contacts linked to or associated with that object and describes that association.  

Contact organization

Contacts and contact groups in the tab will be organized in three groups:

  1. The contact who owns the object (indicated by the crown icon) and any contacts or contact groups that are directly linked to the object (the business card icon).
  2. Contacts or contact groups that roll up from other objects that they are linked to.
  3. Contacts or contact groups that have been added to the object's authorization list (the lock icon), invited to a participate in a review for that object (the lines icon), or who have added themselves as watchers of that object (the star icon).

Link contacts and contact groups

To link an existing contact to your object, click Link Contacts. The system will display a popup with a typeahead field from which you can select a contact to link.

To link a contact group, click Link Contact Groups. Click the Unlink button to remove the link. 

If the contact you're looking for isn't in the list, click Cancel, then create the contact by clicking the New Contact button on the Contacts tab. 

You can use Link Contacts to change the company that a contact is linked to, in the case that that contact changed jobs. Create the link in the contacts tab of the company's overview page.

Contact profile preview

To preview the contact profile, select the contact. A quick synopsis of the contact's profile will appear on the right side of the tab, as shown below. 

To view the full profile of the contact as well as all objects that are linked to it, double-click the contact itself.

Emailing contacts

To send an email to a contact, multiple contacts, or a contact group, there are two options: 

  1. The option "Template" will send an email to the contact using an email template stored in the application. Use this option to standardize certain communications, such as declining an opportunity. Note that you can always personalize the content or settings of an email template. Settings include the option to have a copy of the email stored in the application. 
  2. The option "Mail Client" will open a new email from your default mail client. The email will automatically include a link to the object you sent the email from. This way, recipients of the email who are also system users can access the container by clicking the link. 

For more information on the email feature, read this article.

Additional options

Click the expand button to display the Contacts tab in list mode :
Here, you can filter and sort the list of contacts and use a couple of additional features:

  • Export to Excel
  • Email All: to open a new e-mail from your mail client automatically addressed to all the contacts in the list. 
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