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Before you can push emails into the system, you need to install and configure the Outlook Add-in. Please refer to the add-in setup article for instructions.

Advanced push allows you to push one or more emails into an object in Inova. But unlike the quick select, advanced push also lets you :

  • Create a new object on the fly,
  • Choose which attachments you want to push and which ones you don't need,
  • Choose a subfolder to push attachments into,
  • Delete the original email.

Using advanced push

  1. After selecting your email(s), select the type of object you want to push to.
  2. Click on "Advanced push". A new tab will be then opened :

Note that after clicking on "Advanced push", if the add-in detects that contacts linked to the email don't yet exist in the application, it will automatically display the Contact Push pop-up (if activated in the settings).
  1. Start typing in the name of the object (in the above example, an opportunity). The auto-complete feature on the name field will suggest matches as you type.

    • If you select an already existing object, the page will reload and display the data already populated for that object and you can edit these fields.
    • If you want to create a brand new object, just type in the full name and be sure to populate the rest of the required fields in the form.
  2. The Emails section displays the list of emails you are pushing. You can rename the email if needed. 
  3. Select the attachements you also want to push into the system.
  4. Chose the document subfolder you want each document to be pushed to.
  5. Define if document is covered by CDA/NDA. To learn what this means, please refer to the document management article.
  6. If you only need the attachments and do not need to push in the email itself, check this option. 
  7. Click Save.