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Before you can push emails into the system, you need to install and configure the Outlook Add-in. Please refer to the add-in setup article for instructions.

The simplest and fastest way to push an email to the application is to use quick select. This feature lets you select the object you're pushing the email to by searching for it by name. All selected emails and their attachments will be pushed to the root folder of the object's document manager.

Note, however, that this method doesn't give you options such as pushing attachments into subfolders, nor does it allow you to create a new object in the same action. To use these advanced features, please refer to advanced push.

Quick select

  1. Select one or more email(s) to push into the application.
  2. Go on the "Inova" ribbon and select the type of object you want to push to, then click "Quick select".
  3. In the pop up, start typing the name of the object (an agreement, in the above example). It will search the application and present the results. Once you have found what you need, click "Link".
Note that after clicking on "Link", if the add-in detects that contacts linked to the email don't yet exist in the application, it will automatically display the Contact Push pop-up (if activated in the settings).
If the search results don't include the object you're looking for, it may not be in the list yet because it was created recently. Refresh the list by clicking the refresh icon (4). This will refresh the list of options to include the most recently created objects.

Recent Objects

The objects you have most recently pushed emails to are directly available in the "Recent" list without needing to go through the "Quick Select".

In the above example, after the user pushed an email to the "Cox-2 inhibitor agreement", that agreement became directly accessible from the "Recent" list (5). So to push another email to that agreement, the user can just select the email, click Agreement, then select the agreement name from the dropdown list. 

Potential Alerts

  • The add-in will not let you push the same email to the same object twice. If this happens, it will display the following message:
  • The size limit for email attachments is 10MB. If you exceed the limit, the add-in will display the following message.