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Instead of pushing emails manually to the application, you can have emails automatically forwarded from a designated Outlook folder to an object in the Inova application.

When you link a folder to an object in Inova, the folder contents will be pushed automatically to the linked object. Going forward, all emails or files dragged into the folder get pushed to the object. 

Note: It is impossible for the add-in to push calendar objects like invitations or meeting acceptances into Inova. If such objects are dropped in a linked folder, they will be ignored.

Link a folder


  1. Select the folder and right-click.
  2. Select "Link to ..." from the menu.
  3. Select the type of object you want to link to. A pop up will appear.

The type of objects you can link to a folder can be configured in the add-in settings


  1. Click in the search field and select the object from the dropdown. You can also begin typing in the name of the object to filter the list down and select the one you want from the results. 
  2. Click the Link to folder button. When the link is in place, the icon will change as shown:

If an email you drag into a linked folder has and attachments, those attachments will be automatically filed in the object's document manager. 

Note: More recent versions of Outlook do not display folders in the inbox by default. In such cases, the blue Inova icon will not appear automatically. You can choose to display folders by selecting the Folders option via your Outlook preferences or settings, or by pressing CTRL-6. You can also use a naming convention on linked folders that will help you remember the link has been set. 

Once you link a folder to Inova, you can also use Outlook distribution rules to push emails automatically from your Inbox into a linked folder, and from there the link to Inova will cause those emails to be pushed automatically into the application. 

Unlink a folder

Once a folder is linked, all emails you drag and drop into it will be pushed into the linked object in the application. Removing the link will not delete or change any emails already pushed to the application.

  1. Select and right-click the folder. 
  2. Click Unlink Folder. If the folder icons are displayed in your Outlook, the blue Inova icon will change back to the standard folder.