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Portal Opportunities

A portal opportunity is an opportunity submitted to the Inova application via an external portal. It allows people other than Inova users or your own scouts to submit ideas to your company for evaluation and possible development or licensing deals.

The external portal can be built and installed by your internal IT as part of your corporate website or built and deployed by Inova. If your Inova application does not include a portal and you need to have one implemented, contact your Inova application administrator.

An example of the Inova version of the portal is shown below.

After accepting standard Terms and Conditions, the submitter enters basic contact information to create a profile, which can be re-used with future opportunity submissions:

Then the submitter enters the details about the opportunity, including supporting documentation:

Once he clicks Submit, the submitter receives a confirmation number for his submission:

And the opportunity data is pushed into the Inova D&A system as a portal opportunity:


Once the opportunity has been submitted into D&A, it can be tracked through a workflow using Activities, reviewed and evaluated using Reviews, enriched with details from Documents and Emails, and its access restricted using Authorization

If you decide to pursue the opportunity,

  1. Change its status to Transfered to BD.
  2. Create the related in-licensing opportunity by clicking the plus button under Related Assets and Opportunities.
  3. Click Save when done. 
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