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  • Deals & Alliances
  • Version
  • 6.0
  • Release date
  • February 28, 2017




Ergonomic Improvements and Template Management:

  • Review Templates will be created by object type, e.g. the templates available for agreements can be different from those for in-licensing opportunities.
  • Review Templates will be created by the application administrator, not regular users. 
  • The review owner will now have the possibility to start the review directly when creating it.
  • A document that a review participant attaches to her response will be automatically stored in the document manager. 
  • The review participant will receive a copy of his responses via email each time he submits or edits them. 
  • The "Enable document upload" option will be set to Yes by default and the checkbox removed from the Review form.
  • The "Enable additional comments" option will be removed from the Review form. 
  • The review owner will be able to create a new contact while adding participants to a review. 
  • An export feature will allow users to export the whole review page including the questions and answers to Excel.
  • It will be possible to update a review and resend the review request to all participants.

Inclusion of External Contacts to Perform Alliance Health Check:

  • It will be possible to have external contacts participate in reviews (e.g. external reviews and alliance health checks).
  • When the review owner creates the review and selects a document to attach to it, the system will clearly display if it is covered by CDA. The same message will be displayed when the review is in view mode. 
  • In the review response page, a warning will be displayed for the review participant if any attached documents are covered by CDA.
  • The invitation to participate in a review will use a specific template for external reviewers.

Quick Create Added to More Objects

  • Create an agreement from an R&D collaboration project - the project will be pre-populated with the company(ies), contacts, and authorization settings of the agreement.
  • Create an agreement from an out-licensing discussion - the discussion will be pre-populated with the company(ies), contacts, and authorization settings of the agreement.
  • Create an asset from an in-licensing project - the asset will be pre-populated with the company and contacts of the project Create an asset from a collaboration project - the asset will be pre-populated with the company and contacts of the project.

Bug fixes

  • When a Mac user exports a list to an Excel file, the style is correctly applied and there is no longer an error message (Missing CSS file).
  • Now the Document Manager loads properly and uniformly.
  • The application no longer crashes if a user tries to choose someone else than himself as the owner when merging two contacts.
  • The text fields were sortable and should never have been. That's why, after sorting these fields, the lists were inaccessible. This type of fields is therefore no longer sortable.
  • Transferring a contact from one company to another and then deleting this contact no longer make its originator company inaccessible.
  • With Internet Explorer 11, in the Document Manager, it was difficult to select the documents and some "action buttons" (download, rename, send by email, …) were greyed out (unavailable). This issue is now fixed.
  • The "duplicate detection" feature has been improved to increase reliability and now also works when creating an object from another linked object.