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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 6.2.48
  • Release date
  • February 5, 2018



  • When users respond to a review, the session now is automatically and regularly renewed so that they no longer lose the information they entered because of an expired session.
    However, if users lock their computer before validating and sending their responses, this will end their session and the information previously entered will not be saved.
  • In the new workflow tab, a warning message is now displayed:
    - when the user tries to set a completion date in the future for a milestone or an activity,
    - when the user tries to close a milestone for which the activities are not all completed yet. Milestone.png
  • For an activity, if a user tries to set (via the overview) a due date that does not match the due date of the milestone, then a warning is displayed in the workflow.
  • The "Complete" button is no longer clickable if the milestones and / or activities have not been started beforehand.

Technical Improvements

  • It is now possible to display the related meetings in a tab view for all following objects : organizations, products, assets, submissions, patents, in-licensing projects, out-licensing projects, out-licensing discussions, internel projects, acquisitions, divestitures, potential acquirers, agreements, alliances.

Bug fixes

  • Under the "Authorization" tab of an opportunity, an infinite loading of the dropdown box prevented the user from adding contacts or groups.
  • In the document manager, when having subfolders within subfolders, it was quite difficult to fold the parent folders once they are open.
  • When pushing an email with documents through "advanced push" or "additional actions" (Outlook add-in) to an object that have several folders, the user was not able to choose the last folders because the list was behind the "save/cancel" button and the scroll was not possible.
  • The creation of a new object via "Quick Create" randomly failed and led to a screen with html code.