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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 6.2.59
  • Release date
  • April 11, 2018


New features


The management of the Alliances was too complex and has therefore been completely redesigned to achieve the following:

  1. Simplify the management of multiple Payments.
  2. Simplify creation and management of the Financial Obligations (FO), Non Financial Obligations (NFO), Payments and Events.
  3. Simplify Payments execution as well as Events completion.
  4. Standardisation of the forecasted due date and/or the forecasted amount.

To do so, here is what has been implemented :

  • New FO pop-up to create a FO and its payment at once. FO_Popup.png
  • New NFO pop-up to create a NFO and its event at once. NFO_Popup.png
  • New "Execute payment" pop-up (in the FO portlet, from the Agreement overview). Execute_Payment.png
  • New "Complete Event" pop-up (in the NFO portlet, from the Agreement overview). Complete_Event.png
  • Autopopulation of the "People to Notify" field with the agreement owner as well as the current user for the FO and NFO reminders.
  • Duplication of FO and NFO is now possible.
The new alliance management behavior will be activated by default for all new customers. For existing customers, it will be activated case by case.


  • Some Out Licensing Discussion features have been added to the Out Licensing Projects (e.g. new fields/objects, possibility to quick create an agreement from an out-licensing project, ...).
  • The workflow ribbon has been replaced by a stepper : stepper.png
  • When importing an asset from Cortellis, we no longer import the secondary companies/indications. From now on, only primary companies/indications are imported.
  • When you create an object and select someone else than yourself as the owner, now the default activities' owner is the object's owner (instead of the creator of the object).
  • It is now possible to archive a list value used in business rule (doable by the Customer Success Manager via the configuration form).

Bug Fixes

  • Uploading documents is now compatible with REST API Web Services.
  • When pushing an email with documents through the "Advanced Push" or "Additional actions" feature (via the Outlook Add-in) to an object which has several folders, the folders' list is no longer hidden by the save/cancel button and it is now possible to scroll down to choose the latest folders.
  • It is now possible to change/update the owner of an issue log using the "Assign to" button or through the Edit Mode.
  • The additional fields are now editable when completing / editing a milestone.
  • The "Last Active By" field is now populated with the application user who pushed the email instead of the email sender.
  • Creating a new object (In Licensing Project, Out licensing Project, R&D Collaboration) without filling in its name, then (from this new object) adding a new asset imported from Cortellis and modifying its company no longer leads to an error message.
  • The activities lister was no longer sortable. This has been fixed.
  • In specific cases, some users could not type the "s" letter in the application. This has been corrected.
  • The issue of a review having a blank page when sent to a non application user has been corrected.