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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 6.3.68
  • Release date
  • June 12, 2018


New features

  • Contact Roles
    A new "Contacts" tab has been implemented on the object level to enable roles management.
    You can ask your Administrator to customize and add roles based on your needs. These roles can then be associated with Application Users and/or Contacts.
    The main objective is to know at a glance who are the team members of a project/agreement and why.
    Now, you can also filter this list of contacts on every objects.
    For Alliance Management, here is an example of a Peer Matrix : Contact_Roles.png
    For customers migrating to this version, the roles have to be added by your Administrator and/or your Inova Customer Success Manager.
    For customers directly starting with this version, a set of pre-defined roles is already implemented.


  • It is now possible to find a company via a search on its synonym for all the listers.
  • We no longer automatically create an empty review folder in the document manager of the assessed project if the reviewers have not added documents to their response.
  • The style of some buttons has been improved in the Workflow manager.

Bug Fixes

  • While creating a new object, if you choose an owner other than yourself, this new owner is now correctly informed via notifications.
  • A "&" sign in the file name no longer prevents users from opening the document once they download it.
  • The following message was sometimes displayed when participants were trying to access to the response page of a review : "We're sorry, your response could not be entered. You do not have authorization to enter a response to this Review."
    This issue is now fixed.
  • Administrators are now able to apply some filters for the snapshots (Administration > Audit Log > Snapshots).
  • Import Tool : we fixed the bug that prevented users from importing companies and contacts.
  • A new library has been implemented to improve the indexing of certain types of documents (and more specifically the Excel and PDF files).

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