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  • Legacy Outlook Add-in
  • Version
  • 2.1
  • Release date
  • June 28, 2018



  • All the main objects types are now available through the menu. More precisely, we added the following objects types : Patent, Out-Licensing, Portal Opportunity, Alliance, Conference, Meeting, Issue Log.
  • The company is now a mandatory field when creating a new contact through the Outlook Add-in.
  • For the "Quick select" option, when typing a word, the results are now returning all the objects containing this word (and not only those starting with this word).
  • The "Connection settings" popup has been simplified to make it easier to understand the different connection modes.


  • We modified all the menu icons :


Technical Improvements

  • Centralized Installation : the management of the SSO mode has been improved/simplified.

Bug fixes

  • When using the "Quick Select" or "Link to..." features, it was no longer possible to load the next results of the list via the "next..." button. This issue is now fixed.
  • We followed Microsoft's suggestions for improving the Outlook add-in performance metrics (startup, shutdown...) and thus reduce the likelihood of seeing the addin disabled by the add-in disabling feature (resiliency logic).

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Known issue and solution

  • Despite the improvements we continually make, the add-in can still be disabled in rare cases.
    Should this happen to you, the first step is to check if the add-in is disabled and/or inactive. Then, if it still does not work, please try to use the .reg file provided here.