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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.1.81
  • Release date
  • July 31, 2018



  • You can create a new issue log while pushing an email with the Outlook Add-in (Advanced push).
  • In the "Authorization" tab of an object, when using the "Copy to..." function, you can select all the linked objects at once by choosing the "Select all" option.
  • In the "Links" tab of an object, when you click on a link/an URL this will now open the link/URL in a new tab of your browser.
  • The "All Financial Obligations" (FO) lister combines the FOs linked to an agreement and the FOs linked to an Internal Development Project (IDP).
    It is now possible to add two new tabs (to be done by your Inova Customer Success Manager via a configuration change) to help you to more easily differentiate between the FOs.
  • You can add clickable URLs in a text field (to be done by your Inova Customer Success Manager via a configuration change).
  • When someone creates an object and assigns it to another person on creation, the asignee now receives only one email, which groups information about this object with its related default activities (instead of sending a notification for each activity).
  • An administrator can now create a new application user from an existing internal contact. This does not currently work for customers synchronized with Bio.
  • Cascading archiving : when you archive an Out-Licensing (OL) Project, all of the OL Discussions related to this Project are also automatically archived.
  • Document Manager : We now support the "+" sign in the file name.

Bug Fixes

  • For all objects, the emails are now sorted by sent date by default (instead of being sorted by subject) in the "Emails" tab so that you can more easily find the email you just pushed to the application via the Outlook Add-in.
  • Document Manager : An "Internal error" was sometimes displayed when trying to access a folder created by uploading a zip file. This corrupted folder was also impossible to delete. This issue is fixed.
  • The date format defined at an application level is now correctly applied to all objects.
  • The "Reply by Email" button is deactivated for all users with a "read only" license.
  • Using the new Financial Obligations and Non Financial Obligations pop-ups, you can now send reminders to both Application Users and Internal Contacts.