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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.3.1
  • Release date
  • October 22, 2019



  • EBD Import : The import process for EBD meetings has been aligned with the new Excel export format provided by partneringONE.
  • JPM Import :  The BIO Connector now allows you to import your JPM meetings as well.
    • All JPM meetings can be imported except those set as "confidential" in Inova One-on-One Partnering System.
    • For attendees manually added to JPM meetings in One-on-One with only a first name, contacts will be created in Inova with "Unknown" as last name.

Bug Fixes

  • Notifications : The known issues that affected the 7.2.119 version have been fixed:
    • Users no longer get an error message when creating new notifications,
    • Users no longer get an error message when accessing/modifying existing notifications.
  • BIO Import : When importing a BIO meeting, if the company was automatically matched with a company already existing in Inova but some attendees were new contacts, then those contacts were created without companies during the import. This is now fixed.