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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.3.5
  • Release date
  • December 10, 2019


New features

  • "Quick create" button: To make you save time, we added a new button that enable you to create the main objects directly from the header :


  • Quick Create from a meeting: It is henceforth possible create Internal Development/R&D Collaboration projects and Out-Licensing projects directly from a meeting.
  • BIO Meetings Import: We are now importing more information regarding contacts and companies.
    To be more precise, we added the following fields:
    • For companies : description, URL, phone number, address, zip, city, country.
    • For contacts : address, zip, city, country.
    To avoid overwriting fields or creating confused situations, this information will be imported only upon creation of a new company/contact and not upon update.

Bug Fixes

  • List values management: Administrators will now receive a proper warning message (instead of an error message) when trying to delete a contact role that is already used/referenced by some objects.
  • Dashboards: A technical change made to the 7.3.1 version of the application has unfortunately led to some regressions for the graphs and tables related to users activity (number of users logged by week and last connection date). This issue is resolved.
  • Document Manager: Document name containing Japanese characters are no longer replaced by their Unicode equivalent.
  • BIO Meetings Import: The values in columns were badly displayed on Internet Explorer 11, preventing users from properly seeing the objects to import. This is fixed.
  • JPM Meetings Import: In the "Ready to import" tab, in some specific cases, it was not possible to choose another company than the one automatically linked (or create a new one). Now the match is only suggested and can be changed if needed.