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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.1.91
  • Release date
  • November 20, 2018



  • We implemented additionals configurable fields to be able to add more criteria and thus better answer the "Tech Scouting" use case.
  • Internal Due Diligence Room : When a user start to input something in the field to add members, the typeahead suggests a list of authorized contacts to be selected.
  • The templates for "Automated Contact Notifications" have been improved to achieve the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.
  • When reassigning In-Licensing or Out-Licensing Projects, the linked milestones and activities are now also automatically reassigned to the new owner, except if these ones are completed, initiated or not started but already assigned to another than the original owner of the project.

Technical Improvements

  • The access control to the "Assign to" and "Choose Participants" features have been strengthened to improve security.

Bug Fixes

  • Users were prevented from deleting a contact created via "Advanced push" (Outlook add-in). It is now possible to remove them.
  • Document Manager : The documents titles are no longer truncated.
  • In some cases, the contacts linked to application users were automatically updated by reversing first and last names and adding a comma. This is now fixed.
  • We fixed a character encoding issue so that contacts with special characters in their name are correctly displayed.
  • Users no longer receive an error message when trying to clone or execute a payment without currency.
  • Users no longer receive an error message when trying to open or create a new governance body from the agreements and alliances.