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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 8.11
  • Release date
  • July 21, 2020



  • BIO Import / JPM Import: For the sake of consistency with the EBD import, the messages exchanged in the "Description" field of the One on One meetings are now also imported.
    • On import/update, all the messages are concatenated in a descending order (the most recent message appears first) in the "Agenda" field of the meeting.
    • Any content of the "Agenda" field will be overwritten during the import/update. Import_BIO_JPM.png
  • To improve clarity and use of some existing features, a few messages/labels have been reworded :
    • "New activity" pop-up: When no result is returned for the "Person(s) Associated" field and the "Recipients" field of the reminder, a "No match found" message is now displayed (instead of "No data").
    • "Contacts" tab: We have updated the confirmation messages that are displayed after users have performed an action.
      • Add contacts: "The contacts were successfully added" (instead of "The new contact roles were successfully added")
      • Remove contact: "The contact was successfully removed" (instead of "The contact role was successfully removed")
      • Edit contact: "The contact details were successfully updated" (instead of "The contact role was successfully updated.")
    • Administration - Audit log: The filter named "This year" was actually displaying information for the past 12 months. It has been renamed to reflect this. Audit_Log.png
  • "Contacts" tab: When adding a contact and selecting a role for it, the drop-down is now automatically folded after each role selection. You no longer have to click outside of that dropdown to fold it.
  • A horizontal scrollbar has been added on the listers' filters to provide a better visibility of the available values. It only appears whenever it is needed. Scrollbar.png

Bug Fixes

  • "Watch it" button: In the version 8.7, when a user watched an item, the system sent out a notification when a change was made to that item by the watcher himself/herself. This has been fixed, and now a watcher receives a notification only if somebody else makes a change.
  • Listers: Users without administrator rights can now switch from one page to another one when using a template view.
    Those templates views are only intended to be used as they are, i.e. as they have been predefined by your Administrator. However, you can still copy them to your own views if you want to customize them to your own needs (e.g. adding more columns, applying filters/sorts).Template_View.png