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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.1.96
  • Release date
  • January 15, 2019



  • You can now send notifications to groups of contacts.
    • You can select shared and/or private groups.
    • Notifications are sent individually to each member of the group.
    • If a contact belongs to several groups, the notification is sent only once.
    • The email template can be modified to mention all members of the group contacted if needed (to be done by your Inova Customer Success Manager).
  • When you add participants to an existing review ("Choose Participants" button), a warning notice is displayed to ensure that no one involves external contacts by mistake.
    We also added a warning to remind that deleting a contact will also delete his answers.Review_Participants_Warning.png
  • From an Out-Licensing overview, the option to create a new "Out-Licensing Discussion" can now be hidden for the "Quick Create" function if needed (to be done by your Inova Customer Success Manager via a configuration change).

Bug Fixes

  • Users having Read Write as well as Administrator rights no longer get an error message when trying to assign an object to someone else.
  • The "Company" field is no longer required when creating a user. This way, Administrators with only administrative rights (i.e. with no access to the others modules) are no longer blocked when creating new users.
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