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Purpose of the application

Lead Space provides business solutions by:

  1. Leveraging company-wide expertise for better, faster business decisions,
  2. Boosting efficiency with S&E workflows, features, and data integrations,
  3. Improving visibility by tracking & managing all leads in one place,
  4. Promoting collaboration for team alignment & knowledge sharing,
  5. Communicating company and TA goals to guide day-to-day activities in a clear and efficient manner,
  6. Connecting to the Inova Partnering Platform, Opportunity Portal, One-on-One Platform™ & Cortellis

Mobile-first design

Lead Space has been designed to be mobile optimized, meaning that the application will reformat itself for smartphones and tablets (simplified navigation, larger buttons, reformatted content, etc.).

The interface is simple and straightforward, allowing users to quickly and easily handle briefs and leads in an intuitive manner.

Mobile version

Briefs List Leads List
Briefs_List_Mobile.png Leads_List_Mobile.png

Desktop version

Briefs List Leads List
Briefs_List_Desktop.png Leads_List_Desktop.png

What is a Brief

A brief represents the company roadmap. A scouting brief is a mission statement for Scouts that reflects the strategy.

In a brief, users can describe what they are looking for and what is excluded.

What is a Lead

A lead represents any contact that an organization has with a potential partner.

Leads could come from a wide range of sources:

  • Conferences (in-person or virtual),
  • Internal contributors,
  • Scouting,
  • Partnering intelligence,
  • External channels.

Lead details should not contain any confidential data as they are intended to be shared across everyone within the company registered on the application.