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This section explains how you can create a new brief.

How Does It Work?

Click on the plus icon towards the top right.


The following pop-up window will appear:


  1. Enter the title of the brief.
  2. Assign a color that has been pre-defined by your team, to help identify the brief and related leads.
  3. Select the type of lead(s) to be associated with this certain brief:
Definition Classification Fields (lead level) *
Pharma asset Leads that are active pharmaceutical ingredients (e.g. small molecules or biologics). These leads are assets that may one day become a core of a product with a marketing authorization Asset Name
Development phase
Asset type
Mechanism of action
Clinical indications
Asset description
Technology solution Leads that will serve several other R&D projects (e.g. technology platforms) or leads that are technologies that will accompany a pharma asset (medical devices or companion applications) Product name
* Note: The type of lead selected on the brief level will determine which classification fields are displayed for all leads related to the specific brief.
It is important to note that once a lead type has been selected, it can no longer be edited. Should a user wish to update the lead type, the brief (including the associated leads) must be deleted and created again.