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Brief definition


Once you have created your brief, you can start describing your needs by filling in the brief definition.

When you open the "Brief definition" tab, here is what you see:


  1. This is the owner of the brief, i.e. the person who created it. If you are the current owner or a brief member, and you want to assign the brief to someone else, click on the owner's name and then select someone from the list.
  2. You can add as many members as you wish. Members are users of the application. Only members can create & edit leads associated to this brief.
  3. This is a description of the brief. You can edit it by clicking on the text area.
    A rich text editor enable you to describe your needs while easily highlighting the most important items thanks to common formatting options, such as:
    • Format (bold, italic, underline)
    • Lists (bullet or numbered lists)
    • Tabs

Manage members

Only members can create and edit leads associated to this brief.

Add members


  1. Start typing to search for a user. Only Lead Space users can be added as members.
  2. Click on the link icon to select a member.
  3. Click on "Add" to save your choice.

Remove Members


  1. To remove a member, click on the list of associated members.
  2. Then it opens a "All members" popup where you can remove any member by clicking on the unlink icon.

Additional actions

Rename a brief

Only the brief owner or brief members can rename a brief.


  1. To rename a brief, simply click on its name.


  1. Make your changes.
  2. Then validate your choice by clicking on the check icon.

Delete a brief

Only the brief owner can do this - and only if there are no leads associated to that brief.



Delete the brief by clicking on the three dots on the upper right corner.


Add a lead

Only a brief owner or a member can create a new lead for this brief.


Create a new lead in this brief or in any other brief by clicking on the plus button.

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