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This section explains how you can create and manage briefs. Creating a brief allows you to state the scope of your search and organize your leads according to your needs.

Create a Brief

Click the arrow next to the Create a Lead button on the top right of your screen, a drop down list will appear. Select Create brief in the list. 


The following pop-up window will appear:


  1. Enter the title of the brief.
  2. Assign a color that you've first defined by your team, to help identify the brief and related leads.
  3. Select the type of lead(s) to be associated with the brief:
Definition Classification Fields (lead level)
Pharma asset Leads that are active pharmaceutical ingredients (e.g. small molecules or biologics). These leads are assets that may one day become the core components of a product with a marketing authorization. Asset Name
Development phase
Asset type
Mechanism of action
Clinical indications
Asset description
Technology solution Leads that will serve several other R&D projects (e.g. technology platforms) or leads that are technologies that will accompany a pharma asset (medical devices or companion applications). Product name
Note: The type of lead selected at the brief level will determine which classification fields are displayed for all leads related to this specific brief.
Once a lead type has been selected, it can no longer be edited. Should a user wish to update the lead type, the brief (including the associated leads) must be deleted and created again.

Add a Brief Definition

Once the brief has been created, enter the brief definition in the Description tab. You can either write the definition using the template or enter your own definition. A rich text editor enables you to highlight the most important items by using text formatting, lists, or tables.


Manage Owners

Add Owners

Click View all in the Owners section.

A pop-up window will open. Click Add.


Enter the name of your collaborators to find them in the list. Select the desired name and click Add.


Remove Owners

Click View all and then click the X button next to their name. LS_-_Brief_-_Owners_4.png

Add a New Lead to a Brief

Click the Create lead button on the top-right of your screen. The new lead will be automatically associated with the brief you're currently in. Read Create a new lead for more information.

Rename a Brief

You need to be one of the owners of the brief to perform this action.

  1. Click the brief name.


  1. Make preferred changes.
  2. Validate changes by clicking the Save button.

Delete a Brief

You need to be the main owner of the brief to perform this action. To delete a brief, you need first to delete or move to other briefs all the leads contained in it.

Click the three-dot button at the top-right of your screen, and select Delete Brief.