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Lead list


When clicking on a brief, you are taken to the list of leads which are currently in screening stage.


  1. You can navigate using the tabs above the list to view leads which are either in Screening, Review, On-hold, Accepted or Declined (please see Lead Workflow article for more details).
  2. It represents the number of leads in each stage.
  3. You can sort the results by clicking on the column header. Only one sort can be applied at a time.
  4. You can open a Lead to access all its details by clicking on the company name / lead title.
  5. A maximum of 20 leads are displayed per page. Beyond that, you will have access to the pagination to navigate among all the leads.

In each view, relevant information is displayed depending on the stage of the lead.

Additional action

Move a lead to another brief

In each view, you can move a lead to another brief by clicking on the three vertical dots button.


Move the lead through the workflow

In the screening stage, you can quickly send a lead to review or decline it using the arrow and stop buttons.


In all other stages, you can easily move a lead through the workflow using the status button.







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