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This section explains how to create and manage leads. A lead represents any contact that your company has with a potential partner.

Access Leads

There are three ways to locate an existing lead:

  • Click the Leads menu entry on the left-side panel to access the list of all leads.
  • Access the lead through a brief.
  • Use the Search bar.

Filter Leads

You can use default filters such as All Leads or Leads assigned to me by clicking the Saved filters button on top of the list of leads.

For advanced filtering, click the blue Filters button to open a filtering panel on the left of your screen. From here you can filter leads based on all the fields that they contain. You have the possibility to save a custom filter to be able to use it on a regular basis. For that click the three-dot button and select Save as new filter.

Create Leads

To create leads from an external import, please refer to the Import Leads article.

If the brief doesn't exist yet, you will first need to create a new brief. Instructions can be found here.


The following pop-up window will appear:


Click Filter briefs and start typing the first few letters of the name of the brief that the lead should be associated with.

When a lead is created within the context of a brief, this first step is automatically skipped - the brief will be pre-selected.

Once the appropriate brief has been selected, users will be prompted with the following pop-up:


Type the first few letters of the relevant organization or company name. Matching companies will be proposed both from the current database and Inova Data. If the name does not exist within these databases, users can create a new entry at this time.

Enter the subject (pharma asset or technology solution name).


Matching results will be proposed from the database and Inova Data. If the subject does not yet exist, users can create a new entry.


Verify all the information within the following pop-up window:


Once all the information is correct, click on Create.

If there is a match of contact organization, pharma asset, or technology solution from Inova Data, the company profile and lead classification fields will be automatically filled out by Inova Data to simplify data entry.

Details of a Lead

Once a lead is created:


  1. You can directly access the company profile by clicking its name at the top of the lead page.
  2. You can see and modify the status of the lead.
  3. You can browse all information related to the lead in the different tabs: 
    • Details: lead owner, creation date, asset classification, etc.
    • Activities: to-do list to progress the lead and access to evaluations.
    • Contacts: all key contacts associated with the lead.
    • Company: profile of the company associated with the lead.
    • Notes: free space to enter all kinds of notes. 
    • Publications: free space to submit links, PMIDs, DOI numbers to references, articles, books, etc.
    • Attachments: all files useful to enrich the lead. 
  4. You can view the comments on the lead and the related database information in two separate tabs.
  5. You can see whether the lead is public or private.

Delete Leads

You need to open the lead in order to delete it. Click the three-dot button and select Delete Lead.


Export Leads

You can export leads from the list of all leads. Click the Export button on the right of your screen and an Excel export will instantly be downloaded. You can either export the list of all leads or apply a filter and export only the filtered leads.