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Lead creation

You can create new leads once you are in a Brief (either on the Leads or Brief definition tab) - by clicking on the plus button on the top right corner.

A popup will then open to let you enter the following information:


  1. Associate the new lead to the brief of your choice. The brief you are on when you click on the plus button will be automatically selected by default.
  2. Enter a company name. As you start to type, suggestions will appear so that you can select one of the companies that already exist in Lead Space.
    If the company doesn't exist yet, you can create it by clicking the check button.
    Then confirm to get back to the lead creation page.
  3. Give your lead a title to easily find it with the search. It could be the name of the targeted asset, the name of the compound or technology.

Just click create and you are done, the lead now appears in the list of leads of that brief in the screening stage.

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