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Lead details

When clicking on a lead from the list view, or from the quick search, you enter the Lead details view.

Each field could be updated - if you are the owner or a team member of the associated brief - by clicking on the current value of that field


Here is what you can see:


  1. Use the breadcrumb to know at a glance where you are and quickly navigate through the application.
  2. Title of your lead and the company concerned. Click on the text to modify them.
  3. Current status of the lead. Click on it to modify it and move your lead through the workflow.
  4. Sections allowing you to structure the information relating to your lead: classification, notes, publications et attachments. We will come back to this in more detail below.
  5. The owner of the lead - by default the person who created it. Click on it to assign the lead to someone else.
  6. The source represents how the lead has been created: currently, we can only create them manually - but there will be more sources soon.
  7. Comments - where you can collaborate with your colleagues (brief members).
  8. The three dots allow you to move the lead to a different brief or to delete the lead.

Details of the Lead tabs


Classification gives more detailed information about the lead.

Asset classification

  • Development phase
  • Asset type
  • Mechanism of action
  • Clinical indications
  • Technologies
  • Asset description

Company details

  • Company type
  • URL
  • Country
  • Company description


Here you can write any notes you have taken about the lead. Anybody can see the notes.

Benefit from the rich text editor to structure them with titles and bullet points.


Rich Text: Pictures are currently not implemented


Publications are references, articles and books and so on, which you can link to the lead with a URL, a PMID, a DOI number or other web reference.



You can attach documents or Outlook emails by dragging and dropping or selecting them from your files. You can attach any type of document.


The size limit per document is 10 MB.
You can drag and drop an email directly from your Outlook.




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