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This section explains how to search for an existing lead and understand the different components of a lead.

There are three ways to locate an existing lead:

  • Click the Leads page on the left panel.
  • Access the lead through the related brief.
  • Use the Search bar.

Overview of the List of Leads

The Leads page displays all the leads you have access to. From here, you can:

  1. See your current location based on the breadcrumb trail.
  2. Search for specific leads using filters, and refresh the current page.
  3. Select leads depending on their current stage: Identification, Pre-CDA Review, On-hold, Accepted, or Declined.


Details of a Lead

Once a specific lead is selected:


  1. You can directly access the company profile by clicking its name at the top of the lead page.
  2. You can see and modify the status of the lead.
  3. You can browse all information related to the lead in the different tabs: 
    • Details: lead owner, creation date, asset classification, etc.
    • Activities: to-do list to progress the lead and access to evaluations.
    • Contacts: all key contacts associated with the lead.
    • Company: profile of the company associated with the lead.
    • Notes: free space to enter all kinds of notes. 
    • Publications: free space to submit links, PMIDs, DOI numbers to references, articles, books, etc.
    • Attachments: all files useful to enrich the lead. 
  4. You can view the comments on the lead and the related database information in two separate tabs.
  5. You can see whether the lead is public or private.

Move a Lead Through the Workflow

See a detailed explanation of the lead workflow here.

Move a Lead to a Different Brief

You can move a lead to a different brief by clicking the three-dot button, either directly in the list of leads, or within the lead. This will remove the lead from the original brief and add it to a new destination brief.



Copy a Lead to a Different Brief

To copy a lead, see the related article Clone a Lead. Copying a lead will keep the lead within the original brief, as well as create a copy in a new destination brief.LS_-_Leads_-_Move.png

Delete a Lead

You need to open the lead in order to delete it. Click the three-dot button and select Delete Lead.