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This section explains how to search for an existing lead and understand the different components of a lead.

There are three ways to locate an existing lead:

  • Use the left-hand side panel,
  • Locate the associated brief through the Brief page, then find the preferred lead,
  • Use the Search function.


Main leads page:


  1. View the breadcrumb trail to see your current location.
  2. Search for specific leads using the drop-down arrow, apply filters, and/or refresh the current page.
  3. Select leads depending on their current status.

Details of the Lead tabs

Once a specific lead is selected:


  1. Depending on the status of the lead, users can see whether information can be edited or only comments are accepted.
  2. Clicking on the name directly links to the company page.
  3. Showing the current status of the lead, clicking on the drop-down menu provides any potential statuses it can be amended to.
  4. Selecting the following provides more information in each category:
    • Details (default category).
    • Company - find the company name, company type, URL, country, company description, and other leads from this company.
    • Notes - enter the next steps as well as notes via the rich text editor for public viewing.
    • Publications - submit links, PMIDs, DOI numbers to references, articles, books, etc.
    • Attachments - drag and drop selected files from your computer, or use the select file option. Limited to 10 MB per attachment.
    • Comments - add ad hoc text via the rich text editor.
  5. Allowing users to see more information in detail, asset or technology classification breaks down each lead by the following sub-categories:
    • Pharm asset
      • Assigned tags
      • Asset name
      • Development phase
      • Asset type
      • Mechanism of action
      • Clinical indications
      • Technologies
      • Asset description
    • Technology solution
      • Assigned tags
      • Product name
      • Type
      • Stage
      • Indications
      • Application
      • Description