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Brief list

When you log into Lead Space, the home page displays a list of all the briefs your company is currently working on.

Quick access to briefs

When browsing the application, there are two ways to quickly return to the list of briefs.

Main view

By clicking on the Lead Space logo, you can quickly return to the homepage where briefs are represented by cards.

Left hand side panel

By clicking on the hamburger button, you can choose to permanently show or hide the briefs on the left side as a list.

Overview of the briefs page


  1. Hamburger button: To to hide or display the list of briefs on the left side.
  2. Lead Space logo: To quickly go back to the homepage with the briefs cards.
  3. Plus button: To create a new brief.
  4. The briefs are divided into two categories to allow you to identify at a glance those that are most important to you. They are also listed in alphabetical order.
    • My briefs: These are the briefs that you are currently working on. In other words, these are the ones for which you are the owner or a member.
    • Other briefs: These are briefs your company is currently working on but of which you are neither the owner nor a member.
  5. Brief's card: Displays the title of the brief and its associated icon (i.e. first letter of the brief + selected color). Click on it to access the list of all leads associated with this brief.


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