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Overview of the Briefs Page

The Briefs page lists all the briefs that your company is currently working on, divided into three categories:

  • Recents: Briefs recently opened.
  • My briefs: Briefs owned by you.
  • Other briefs: Briefs owned by other collaborators.

The brief cards display:

  • The name of the brief.
  • An associated icon with the first letter of the brief's name in a selected color.
  • The tag(s) related to the brief.
  • The total number of leads contained in the brief and more specifically the number of active leads.
  • A quick access to create a lead directly in the brief.
  • Whether or not the brief is private. A red lock icon is displayed in this case.

Click the cards to access the brief's description, associated leads, and attachments. 


Quick Access to the Briefs

There are two ways to access the list of briefs:

Access the Briefs List

Click the Briefs page on the left-side panel to display the full list of existing briefs, distributed between the Recents, My briefs, and Other briefs sections.


Access Directly a Specific Brief

Click the brief's name you're interested in on the Recent Briefs or My Briefs sections on the left-side panel to directly access it.