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This section explains how briefs are categorized and how users can navigate through the briefs page.

The main page of Lead Space lists all the briefs the company is currently working on, divided into 3 categories:

  • Recents
  • My briefs
  • Other briefs


Quick access to briefs

There are two ways to return to the list of briefs:

Main view

By clicking on the Inova logo, users can quickly return to the main page.


Side panel

The left-hand side panel also shows a list of both Recent briefs and My briefs. If users wish to minimize the panel, click on the collapse arrow:


To view the side panel in detail, simply click on the arrow again to expand.

Overview of the briefs page


  1. Inova logo: Return to the main page.
  2. Plus button: Create a new brief.
  3. Briefs are divided into three categories to allow users to easily identify the most pertinent.
    • Recents: Briefs that have been recently opened or viewed.
    • My briefs: Briefs that are currently being working on, where the user is either an owner or a member.
    • Other briefs: Briefs that your company is currently working on but of which the user is neither the owner nor a member.
  4. Brief's card: Displays the title of the brief and its associated icon (i.e. first letter of the brief + selected color). Click on it to access the list of all leads associated with this brief.