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This section explains how to use the search function.

The search bar is located in the header (towards the top of the screen). This allows users to search for an existing lead.


Clicking in the search engine will prompt the user with the option to select their most recent leads and companies.

Launch a specific search by typing at least 3 characters associated with the lead (either by the name of the lead or the company). The search engine will propose up to 10 options using fuzzy matching, returning the most probable leads regardless of the order of the characters inputted.

An advanced text search can be launched by typing the search term, and pressing the "Enter" key from the keyboard or clicking on the "Search" button prompted by the search.


The user will be brought to the filtered list of leads that include the search term.


Note: The text filter searches all titles, tags, dropdown values, notes, and titles of attachments. The search does not search the content of documents attached.