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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.1.106
  • Release date
  • March 21, 2019



    • Contact Manager :
      • It is now possible to fill in the "Job Title" field while creating a new contact.
      • If the contact is created from a company, the "Company" field is autopopulated.
      • We also added a blue background to better differentiate the contact creation area from the contact selection.
    • Workflow Tab :
      • You can now skip a milestone and/or an activity if needed. The skipped milestone/activity will then appear in grey in the workflow.
      • You can choose to use a strict workflow so that users can only run milestones in a precise order.
        This also prevents users from starting multiple milestones at the same time.
        However, the activities can still be started in the desired order.
        (Option to be activated by your Inova Customer Success Manager).
      • If the "Strict workflow" option is activated, users can skip the milestones only in the order defined by the workflow.
        However, the activities can still be skipped in the desired order.
    • Notifications :
      • Activity reminders/notifications are now sent out, whether the activity is started or not.
      • The reminders/notifications are no longer sent when the business object is archived.
    • BIO/EBD Import :
      • We have made various improvements to make this feature more user friendly and also to enhance the relevance of the mapping between attendees and contacts.
      • "Read Only" users can no longer import  BIO and EBD meetings.
      • BIO / EBD import : Users who do not have "Read Write" or Super User" rights to the Asset module no longer see any asset information in the matching screen.

Bug Fixes

    • It was no longer possible to re-assign an activity or an object in some specific cases ("Access Forbidden" error message). This issue is now fixed.
    • Users are no longer prevented from moving a milestone activity to the first position.
    • When the "Automated Contact Notifications" option is activated, in the email template, the person to contact in case of access/erasure request of personal data under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is now the user who created/modified the contact.
    • EBD Import : we fixed several bugs that prevented users from correctly importing some meetings.