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Once the installation of the Outlook Add-in has been completed, you’ll need to sign in to your Inova Classic account.

Enter your Unique Company Identifier


  1. Click on the Inova button on the upper right corner in Outlook. This will open the Inova for Outlook pane.
  2. Then enter your company ID. You'll find it at the beginning of the URL you use to access Inova Classic.
    So for example, if the URL of your Production environment is https://inovaio.partneringplace.com/inova-partner, then your company ID will be inovaio.
    Please note that your company ID must be written in lowercase.
  3. Click on Continue.

Connect to your account

If you are in SSO

If you have a Single Sign-On with Inova Classic, clicking on the Continue button will directly connect you to Inova Classic, without requiring your credentials.

If you are not in SSO

Log in with your Inova Classic username (your email address) and password. You’ll only need to log in once.


Approve sharing permissions

After successfully signing into your Inova Classic account, you’ll have to select your Microsoft account.


The Inova Outlook add-in doesn't support shared mailboxes.

Then, you will be asked to approve sharing permissions between Inova Classic and Outlook to complete the connection.


Do not forget to pin the Inova add-in pane if you want to keep it open when switching from one email to another.