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To push an email to an existing object in Inova Classic, open the email you want to push, then click on the Inova button in Outlook if the Inova pane is not yet visible.

Search for objects within Inova Classic

There are two ways to find the object to push your email to: the contextual search & the manual search.

Whichever one you choose, this search will be carried out among Inova Classic standard objects: Opportunities records, Alliances & Agreements records, as well as Companies and Meetings.

If you can't find your object, it's probably because it's not considered as a standard one by Inova Classic. You can contact your CSM for more information.

To push an email to an existing non-standard object, please read this article.

Contextual search

Contextual search, which rely on a search algorithm, will automatically suggests you some objects (coming from your Inova Classic application) that you might want to push your email to.


These suggestions are based on the senders and recipients' email address, name and email domain of the email you selected.

Manual search

If you cannot find the object you are looking for among the objects automatically suggested by the add-in, you can search for an object by clicking on Search in Inova.

  1. First, select a type of object
  2. Then start typing the name of the object you are looking for

Access Control

Only the objects that you are allowed to see within the Inova Classic platform can be accessed via the Inova for Outlook Add-in, in accordance with your application rights on modules and individual permissions you may have on some objects.

Action buttons

Once you have selected the object you want to push your email to, you have 3 possibilities:

  1. Click on the blue send button to push your email to your Inova Classic application.
  2. Click on the black view button to open this object within your Inova Classic application, for example if you want to check some information before doing anything.
  3. Click on the object card to get more information on the record:

Push your email and/or its attachments

Select the elements to push and rename documents

After clicking on the blue send button, more options will be available.


  1. Select/unselect this checkbox if you want/do not want to push your email to your Inova Classic application.
  2. Select/unselect these checkboxes to push/not push all or some of the documents attached to this email.
  3. Click on the pen button to rename the documents if needed.
  4. Click on Push to validate your choices
Inova for Outlook Add-in currently supports up to 50 MB per file/attachment.


Identify emails/documents already pushed

By clicking on the blue send button, you can know at a glance whether an email and/or its documents have already been pushed to an object within your Inova Classic application: