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For diagnostic purposes, when you encounter an issue with the Outlook add-in, Support staff may request that you send us the logs.
These log files can help our engineers to troubleshoot the issue.

Turn logging on

To access the logging configuration settings, from the Inova Add-In ribbon in Outlook, click on the “Settings” button :

The configuration dialog box will be displayed. In the upper-right corner, click on the "note" icon :

The following dialog box will then be displayed :

  1. Enable the "Standard log" by checking the checkbox.
  2. Choose the "Verbose" level.
  3. Enable the "Detailed service log" by checking the checkbox.
  4. Once logging configurations have been selected, click the "Save" button.
  5. And then click "Save" again on the "Inova Add-In Configuration" dialog box.

Once the logging option activated, you just need to reproduce the issue you encountered and then send us the log files (trace_std.log and trace_svc.log) to the support staff by indicating step by step how to reproduce this issue.

Log files location

The log files are stored on your computer, in the following location :

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Inova Software\PartnerPushAddIn\logs

If you cannot find the AppData folder, here is a workaround:

  • Go to your profile folder : C:\Users\[username]
  • Click in the location bar (where it says C:\Users\[username])
  • Click again to unselect the text in the location bar (do not type over it)
  • Then add the following path just after your username and hit "Enter" :
    \AppData\Local\Inova Software\PartnerPushAddIn\logs

Turn logging off

To disable logging, navigate back to the "Logs settings" dialog box, uncheck the two "Log enabled" checkboxes and then click the "Save" buttons on each of the dialog boxes.


If you do not turn off the logging feature, the log files continue to increase in size.
So, because of performance reasons, we recommend to turn on logging only when needed and turn off logging after you complete your troubleshooting.