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If needed, you can also push an email to brand-new objects within your Inova application.
Here is how to do so:

  1. Select your email and then click on Create button in the Inova Pane.
If the "Create" button is not showing up for you, check out the prerequisites that are described in this article.
  1. Click on Create in Inova.
  2. The system will open your Inova application in a browser and display a list of all the types of objects you can push your email to (this list is configurable in Inova). Select an object type and click on Next.
  3. The system will then display the object's input form. Write the name of your new object and click on Enter. Then fill in the other fields as usual.
  4. Select the documents linked to your email that you also want to push to your Inova application. Then click on Save.