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The Outlook add-in has been completely redesigned with a focus on user-friendliness to guarantee an optimal experience and boost your productivity by saving you a lot of time and effort!

Please find below a quick overview of the main benefits and features that will make your life easier.

Enhanced performance

  1. Increased speed and reliability.
  2. Easy install from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Supports Macs.

Increased visibility

  1. Quickly view Inova records that are associated with your emails without switching between the Inova Classic platform and Outlook (using the new relevance algorithm).
  2. Inova records (standard objects’ name & last modified date) appear directly within the Outlook Add-In’s panel.

Amplified productivity

  1. Search and browse relevant Inova records stored within the Inova Classic platform directly from Outlook.
  2. Quickly push emails and documents into the Inova Classic platform with only a couple clicks.
  3. Option to push an email and document separately, select which documents you’d like to push if there are many documents attached to the email, and rename documents before pushing them into the platform.
  4. Quickly create new Opportunities, Agreements, Companies, etc. within Inova Classic.