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  • Dashboards
  • Version
  • 2.0.4
  • Release date
  • May 29, 2019


New features

  • New Process Chart : The "Pipeline Evolution" has been completely redesigned to improve comprehension and readability of the report data.


  1. Select a value to display all phase changes over a given time frame (Current Year/Quarter/Month, Last Month/Quarter/Month, Custom Period).
  2. Choose to display only the opportunities starting at the beginning of the time frame previously selected.
  3. Find at a glance the sum of all opportunities completed, declined or still ongoing at the end of each phase.
  4. Know in detail how many opportunities are in a specific status (completed, declined or still ongoing) at the end of a given phase.
  5. When there are less than 50 opportunities to display, each small square represents a specific opportunity.
  6. When there are more than 50 opportunities to display, all the opportunities are represented by a single large square so that the process chart remains readable.
    To ensure consistency, if one of the statuses is represented by a large square for a given phase, the two others will be as well.
  7. Attrition rate = percentage of declined projects for a given phase.
    Calculation formula : # declined opportunities / ( # declined opportunities + # completed opportunities).


  1. When you mouse over a little square, a popup will display the project name as well as the start and end dates of the related milestone.
    Squares representing the same opportunity in other phases of the workflow will be highlighted and the related start and end dates will be displayed.
    When you click on a little square, the system will open up the opportunity overview screen in your Inova application.


  • Filters: The linked objects (e.g. the companies) can now be alphabetically sorted.
  • OnePager.pptx: Applied filters are now taken into consideration while exporting.
  • The name of a report can now contain the ampersand symbol (&).

Bug Fixes

  • User Activity Graph: Fixed a bug where some logins were not associated with the right date (eg: date in the future).
  • Pipeline Evolution: The Excel export no longer duplicates the name of the milestones on all columns.
  • Opportunities Details: The double-quote character in the opportunity name no longer leads to a display issue.