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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.2.115
  • Release date
  • June 25, 2019




In addition to a design overhaul of the top bar, the big focus of this release is the improved and more powerful search features that make it easier to find a particular type of content by searching all objects. This update also makes the results more organised and improve the user's experience.

  • New Header : A menu has been added to the Inova header to group access to some settings / functionalities such as : My profile, My emails, Page settings, About and Logout.
  • Instant Search : When you start typing your request in the search bar, you instantly get the most relevant results back.
    • This search is performed on the name of the main objects (i.e. company, contacts, assets, projects...) but not on the documents or emails.
    • If no results are found, it suggests an advanced search instead.
  • Advanced Search : Type your request in the search bar and press enter (or click on the magnifying glass icon) to get more detailed results and options.
    • This search is performed on the name and content of all objects, including the documents and emails.
    • To refine the search, you can add two levels of filters: by category and/or by type of object.
  • The "Out-Licensing Discussion" tab can now be added to the company details page.

Bug Fixes

  • A warning message was displayed when pushing an email via the email fetch feature or deleting emails pushed via the same feature. This is now fixed.
  • All the "lists value(s)" fields can be properly managed from the Administration page.
  • The default template of the "reassign to" notification has been modified to make the message clearer.