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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 7.2.119
  • Release date
  • August 27, 2019



  • Lister Filters : It is now possible to individually delete the filters applied to the listers. 
  • Top right dropdown menu : 
    • This menu automatically expands with a simple mouse over. It automatically closes when mouse over outside the menu.
    • The "My email" option has been removed from this menu. It can be displayed in the left main menu if needed.
  • Left main menu : The "Logout" button has been removed from this menu as it now appears in the top right dropdown menu.
  • Advanced Search : 
    • Users can open search results in a new tab by doing a right-click/open in a new tab or mouse scroll wheel click.
    • A new “Load more results” button appears when there is more returned results than the value defined for the "Max results" field.
    • Many users reported that the score associated to each result was not enough explicit. So it has been decided to remove it for the moment.

Bug Fixes

  • Some minor corrections were made to improve the look and feel of the search bar.
  • The top bar (i.e the search bar and right dropdown menu) and the content of the workflow tab are now correctly displayed for users whose first / last name contains an apostrophe.
  • It was no longer possible to skip questions for the participants of a review. It has been fixed.
  • Users with Readwrite rights on a module no longer get an error message (Access Forbidden) when trying to assign an object to a new owner.
Known issues :
  • Users get an error message when trying to save a new notification. Nevertheless, the notification is correctly created and sent.
  • Users get an error message when trying to access/modify an existing notification.