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  • Dashboards
  • Version
  • 2.0.7
  • Release date
  • September 26, 2019


New features

  • Pipeline Evolution : You can now click on a number to display the list of related opportunities.


  • Pipeline Evolution : A loading animation is now displayed while retrieving the data before displaying the dashboards.
  • Pipeline Evolution - XLS export :
    • The date format has been modified to "yyyy-MM-dd" so that Excel can automatically and correctly interpret data as dates.
    • The names now contain a clickable link to Inova.
  • A new date period filter has been added : Current month + 2 following month.

Bug Fixes

  • Pipeline Evolution : 
    • Some projects were sometimes displayed in the wrong pipeline evolution area for some users due to server timezone difference. This is fixed.
    • The display issue with Internet Explorer 11 is fixed.
  • Filters : When clicking on a bar/pie chart to define filters, the corresponding box is now correctly checked.