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  • Inova
  • Version
  • 8.26
  • Release date
  • UAT: August 24, 2021
    PROD: September 7, 2021



  • Quick search - We have improved the visibility of the scroll bar to indicate more clearly when there are more than 7 results to display. Quick_Search_Scrollbar.png
  • With the introduction of the "Count" button in the version 8.23 of Inova, some users were confused about the conditions under which they could use the "Go to first/last page" and "Go to x page" features in a lister. We've made a few changes to clarify this.
    Now, these features are displayed only when they are usable, ie when the "Count" button is activated.

    Lister count disabled: Lister_Count_Disabled.png
    Lister count enabled: Lister_Count_Enabled.png

Bug Fixes

  • Control characters in the email body sometimes prevented emails from being successfully pushed to the Inova Partnering Platform through the new Outlook add-in. This issue is now resolved.